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2-Ingredient puffy eye serum

It’s no fun waking up to puffy, swollen eyes, and it can happen more often as we age. Luckily this easy DIY puffy eye serum will help cool, soothe and reduce the appearance of eye puffiness. Plus, you can make it using just two common ingredients!

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Make your own 2-ingredient puffy eye serum

Using lemon juice will help give the sensitive skin around your eyes a quick boost of vitamin C. Also, raw tomato juice is considered a superfood by some because its loaded with minerals and vitamins such as vitamin A, K, B1, B2, B3, B5 and B6 in addition to magnesium (a mineral that so many of us are deficient in).

Tomatoes are also antioxidant rich, which will bring a nice detox to the area around your eyes.

I used the juices from half of a medium sized cherry tomato and roughly an equal amount of fresh lemon juice to make this puffy eye serum. I didn’t worry about removing the seeds from the tomato, I figured the cotton ball would just hold onto them when applied and it did. I used this amount as a one time application, so quick and so easy!

Using chilled tomatoes and lemons would help with the puffiness as well, as the cold temperature will help constrict the blood vessels, which would help reduce some of the darker circle around your eyes and reduce the puffy look.You could always mix this up and then place it in the refrigerator for 10 to 15 minutes if the fruit and veggie were at room temperature.

When applying this puffy eye serum, use a clean soft cotton ball soaked in the serum to dap on the delicate skin around your eyes. Just be careful not to let any of the serum into your eyes. This will be a thinner liquid, so you may want to do this a couple of times with each eye. Then use you’re the tips of your ring fingers to gently dab or pat your eyes for a couple minutes.

Your ring fingers are supposed to be the most sensitive and therefore would be the most gentle on your eyes. This process of patting or tapping the skin around your eyes will help reduce a bit of the swelling as well. Leave on for about 10 to 15 minutes and then carefully remove by flushing your skin (with eyes closed) or whipping away with a warm cloth. Follow with a light moisturizer.

Something quick to keep in mind with this puffy eye serum is that both lemon and tomato juice also have properties that will lighten skin-great for dark circles, but might be noticeable in the summer months if you aren’t staying up on your sun block and you’re using this often.

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Make It

2-Ingredient puffy eye serum


2 Cherry tomatoes
1/2 Lemon


Chill one lemon and a few cherry tomatoes in the refrigerator.

Combine juice from tomatoes and lemon and dab on under eye area using a cotton ball, being very careful not to get it in eyes. Follow up with moisturizer.

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